ui/ux design
ui/ux design

UI/UX design

A team of .webdot specialists from copywriters to marketers will create a truly efficient web product to the needs of your business.


timeline: >4 days
cost: >$155




Select the type of thevsite you are interested in check out the added set of useful options

UI/UX Design Stages

  • Composing a technical task
  • Developing a prototype site
  • Drawing the homepage
  • Reconciling the homepage and general style
  • Provide up to three design options to choose from
  • Original layouts in any popular formats

Select the type of thevsite you are interested in check out the added set of useful options

design features



Design, shapes, sizes, structure, elements - all this is drawn from scratch to specific customer needs
Included in price ✓

Design layout

Layout designed for all trends in Figma
Included in price ✓


A short website concept based on needs and provided information
Included in price ✓

Additional page

Extra page layout with a unique design
Cost: $40


It is displayed by the browser in the tab in front of the page name, as well as as a picture next to the bookmark
Included in price ✓

Page layout

Description of blocks on each page in accordance with the concepts and design of the site
Included in price ✓

Not enough options? specify the possibility of implementation

Landing page design*
$155 / 4 days

* not included in the development cost​

Promo site design*
$200 / 6 days

* not included in the development cost​

Corporate website design*
$270 / 10 days

* not included in the development cost​

eCommerce site design*
$320 / 10 days

* not included in the development cost​

Q and A section:

At the end of the work, you will get a ready website with the right to make one-time changes to the fonts, colors, content.

No, we do not perform the design of websites or services separately from development.

Yes. If you are in another country/ city – will discuss the ability of delivering signed copies of the contract.

We work on 25% prepayment, the remaining 75% you pay upon completion of work. As a rule, the method of payment is a bank transfer, but payment by card is also possible. All documents for your accounting we will provide.

Logo design is attached as a nice bonus if you have chosen a site development with design.

Description of the service “UI/ UX Design”

The website is an ideal platform for advertising and selling goods, services, and promotion of business ideas. If your site is good - it is able to convey a marketing message and place point accents.
Many details are taken into account in the process of developing a layout of your future site. Proactive marketers, inspired by the idea designers and experienced developers will create a quality tool for you for strategic growth.
The honed workflow within the team allows you to properly understand and develop the main idea, to pay attention on the details that was remained in the shadows. A secure deal with a step-by-step payment system will form a transparent and controlled scheme of interaction with us, will leave a pleasant impression of our cooperation.

Loyalty, Recognition and Attraction are the three Basics on which we will create the perfect web project for you. Allow us to participate and help to create your favorable online image!

Let’s develop a great product while leveling up your team

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