Innovative technologies, experience and flexibility of working approach will help our customers to realize the most complex business requests.




Entrust the website development to .webdot


Development bonuses

  • We adapt for the tablet and mobile devices
  • SEO friendly layouts, clean and optimized code
  • We integrate the code of online consultant
  • Testing the site
  • We help with domain registration and hosting rental
  • Free transfer to the client's server




Website development is what our team does. We perform the work according to the stated requirements, efficiently and on time. Our prices for the development and maintenance of sites are much lower than in the offices of our competitors.
.webdot has recently started the journey but all our employees have many years of experience in this field. At your service are our designers, front-end and back-end developers, project managers and marketers.
Website development in Minsk is a popular service among various business areas. We will create a website for the needs of your particular business, take into account the wishes regarding the tariff of cooperation and the choosen method of payment. Working with us, you will get what you expected! And maybe a little more!
But in order to become our client, tell us about your business specific. Share some links of Internet services you like, what are your design preferences, and do you have any accomplishments that you are ready to provide? We can receive all this information from you in the form of a completed email brief. If you can find a time for a meeting in Minsk, our managers will be happy to discuss the details of the planned website in person.

Yes, we are a young team! But, for each of our clients we will offer a pleasant bonus, depending on the scope of work.
Contact .webdot in any convenient way and get your favorable offer for cooperation!

Let’s develop a great product while leveling up your team

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