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To order a corporate website in .webdot means to get an effective working tool to attract an audience, increase recognition of goods or services on the Internet.


Timeline: >14 days
Cost: >$480




Choose the right rate for developing your corporate website, check out the additional set of useful options

our working approach

  • Implementation of the project on time
  • A quality that meets the latest requirements and trends in the site development
  • A comprehensive approach to complex projects that our team provides
  • Compliance with the stated cost of the project at its real price, without overpayments
  • No bugs/ no errors

Choose the right rate for the development of your corporate website, check out the additional set of useful options

website Features

Convenient resource management and apropriate site usage


Admin panel

Simple and convenient administrative site control panel if development is on template/ CMS
Included in price ✓

Content updating assistance

Photo, video, audio, any formats specified in the terms of documentation
Included in price ✓

Corporate mail

Mail from a domain, for example: mail@company.com
Included in price ✓


The site navigation element, the path from the site root to the current page
Included in price ✓

HTML map

List of site pages in HTML format - sometimes necessary for SEO
Cost: $10

Instagram feed

Displays your photos/videos from Instagram account on the site page
Cost: $10


Clients, events, articles - all that is specified in the terms of documentation
Included in price ✓

Multilingual websites

Multilangual development ​​- the cost is indicated for 1 language, the translation must be provided by client
Cost: $100

Google Analytics

Implementation of the provided Google Analytics code on site
Included in price ✓

CRM Integration

Depending on CRM and requirements - the cost may vary significantly
Cost: $100

Online consultant

Integration of the provided code of an online consultant, for example JivoSite
Included in price ✓

Base of applications

Form for online application from site. Additionally - collection of applications in the site database
Included in price ✓

Not enough options? specify the possibility of implementation






Without design approval or by customer design



Quick start of your project without overpayments

14 days

Additions to the rate
Multilingual option (+ 1 language)
Site version for visually impaired
Voting, quiz
Personal account
Site integration with Telegram
- Transfer to the customer server;
- Google analytics setup;
- Basic speed optimization.

/Layout without CMS

Pixel Perfect Layout of the website according to customer design

up to 20 pages / 20 days

Additions to the rate
Voting, quiz
Personal account
- Adaptive for tablets and mobile;
- Html/ css validators report .

/Layout with CMS

Pixel Perfect Layout of the website + Converting Html Layout to WordPress

up to 20 pages/ 25 days

Additions to the rate
Voting, quiz
Personal account
- Google analytics setup;
- Basic speed optimization;
- Сustom website design.

Not sure what type of site is needed,

or do you need a free consultation?

Corporate website design*
$270 / 10 days

* not included in the development cost

Q and A section:

Yes, you must choose a rate. Subsequently, it should be defined at the contract.

At the end of the work, you will get a ready website with the right to make one-time changes to the fonts, colors, content.

No, we do not perform the design of websites or services separately from development.

If you have chosen development on template, the solution is paid separately from the development cost. We work with licensed topics only.

Yes, we will provide site management training. You can easily change, delete and add blocks, pictures, texts through the admin panel.

Yes. If you are in another country/ city – will discuss the ability of delivering signed copies of the contract.

The site is your property after full payment for the web development process.

Yes. In the future, at the request of the client, we continue to work on the site (we update modules/ plugins, adjust functionality, work with content and sections).

You can learn more detailed information here.

Description of the “Corporate website”

Developing a turnkey corporate website in Minsk is the right choice if you need a full online presentation.
Marketing research, our experience and creative approach will help to create the right impression about your business, competently set the important accents:
- thoughtful design of pages and sections;
- non-standard approach;
- full set of options for your visitors;
- code purity and optimization of the download speed of the site.

.webdot team developers recommend the creation of multi-page websites to companies that plan to invest in further promotion. Ask - "Why?" More steeper the site - less time and money will have to invest on its refinement. If the site is made on " 3 out of 10" - even large investments will be useless.
We know how important the first impression and will try to make the visitors of your page want to return again and again!

Let’s develop a great product while leveling up your team

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